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Organic soap making training being carried out in Mekelle PDF Print E-mail

Twenty (20) members of two (2) former sex workers’ cooperatives established under Wise Up are taking an eight (8) days long training in Mekelle. The trainees came from Aster and Asqual partnership cooperative of Mekelle City as well as Elsa and Sifrash Friends soap making cooperative of BahirDar city. Members of these two cooperatives are known for their hard work and enthusiasm. They were chosen to take part in this training as they have shown initiative to be trained in this area of business.

Soap Training

The two cooperatives have been supplied with a small moulding and labelling machines made locally at the workshop of Dembosk vocational training center of Mekelle city. The training which started last Thursday (July 19) is being given by trainers from Daughters of Charity. The training started by acquainting the participants with theoretical background towards soap making for three days, which was followed by a five days practical training in soap making.

The organic soap produced by the former sex workers’ cooperative is expected to be productive and environmentally friendly as it utilizes locally available raw materials

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Police Officer Training carried out reaching 517 in 17 towns PDF Print E-mail

One of the main stakeholders that have been identified to be detrimental in implementing the Wise Up plan of Consistent and proper 100% condom use by sex workers and their partners are police officers. It is having that in mind a 2 days police officer training was held in all the 19 Drop In Centers (DICs) of the Wise Up program during the month of April.

It was possible to give the training to a total of 517 participants consisting of 25 police officers and 3female sex workers (FSW) at each drop in center. The training intended to create awareness of the police officers with regards to HIV/AIDS and STD as well as strengthen the relationship between police officers and the FSWs.

As is often the case refreshment during coffee breaks and lunch during the two days training was provided by cooperatives of former SWs.

Police Officer’s Training Police Officer’s Training Police Officer’s Training
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First round of stakeholders’ meeting held at the recently reopened Akaki Kality/Nifas Silk Lafto DIC PDF Print E-mail

Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia’s 5th drop in center (DIC) strategically located to serve the two the Sub Cities Akaki Kality and Nifas Silk Lafto has been reopened recently. On Thursday May 3, 2012 the first stakeholders meeting of the Akaki Kality/Nifas Silk Lafto DIC was held at the center located close to Saris Adey Abeba Garment Factory.  The half day meeting is intended to increase the level of awareness of the stakeholders towards current issues sex workers face ranging from gender based violence to alternative income generating activity.

The stakeholders meeting which attracted 30 participants from police stations, sub city HAPCO and health offices as well as bar owners and other representative bodies was carried out by the Wise Up program manager at Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia Ato Abeje Israel. The stake holders’ meeting is a bi-annual event takes place at all 22 DICs located in Addis Ababa and 17 regional cities.

First round of stakeholders meeting First round of stakeholders meeting First round of stakeholders meeting
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59 representatives of sex workers’ cooperatives took a two days training and experience sharing PDF Print E-mail

Wise Up Program is being implemented by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia in partnership with DKT Ethiopia. One of the components of this program is socio-economic empowerment of sex workers through alterative income generating activity namely forming cooperatives. Currently there are 20 sex workers’ cooperatives in operation throughout Ethiopia. These cooperatives are engaged in various business activities such as food preparation, beauty salon, café, and dry food preparation.

cooperatives training cooperatives training cooperatives training

Three (3) representatives from each of the twenty (20) sex workers’ cooperatives from 11 cities including Addis Ababa took part in a two days training. The training believed to strengthen the cooperatives focused on issues relating to entrepreneurship,  cooperative management, cooperative accounts record keeping and life skills. It also had a session where trainers shared their experience as well as a fellowship session that is expected to foster organizational learning and unity among the cooperative members. The training that took place from April 30 to May 1, 2012 at the PanAfric Hotel located in Nazreth (Adama) town attracted fifty nine (59) participants.

The training was given in-house by Mahlet Wondwossen and Bezaye Tadesse Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia Wise Up program’s cooperative expert and project officer respectively.

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3rd Day of the World Congress on Public Healt PDF Print E-mail

“ Recreational Area with a Purpose” is the title given to the article featuring the Condomise campaign at the 13th World Congress on Public Health taking place at the Millennium Hall. In the daily bulletin that is issued at the congress the popularity, social and laid back nature of the booth alongside its strong message and available services has been covered in detail.
There are also Azmaris (traditional singers) playing the Masinko and singing educational and witty lyrics alongside the coffee ceremony.
As usual the Wise Up booth inside the exhibition center is the most frequented by participants attracting passerby thanks to its funky set up and gifts available.
Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia’s partner when it comes to music has been Music May Day Ethiopia for the past years. Members of Music May Day Ethiopia dance group were also present at the Condomize campaign showcasing traditional Ethiopian dances to the delight of the participants.

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Wise Up on the 2nd day of the 13th World Congress on Public Health PDF Print E-mail

On the second day of the 13th World Congress on Public Health being held at the Millenium hall in Addis Ababa, the Condomize campaign and Wise Up booth are being viewed by hundreds of participants daily. The traditional Coffee Ceremony taking place at the open space in front of the exhibition hall is introducing many to the aromatic Ethiopian Coffee while reminding people to use Condom consistently and correctly.
The Safe and Beautiful campaign which consists of sex workers who have taken courses and engaged in alternative income generating activities is also beautifying the participants by having their hair plated and their nails’ done.
The photo station at the Condomize campaign where people are taking pictures wearing traditional Ethiopian clothes is the most popular destination. So far not less than 200 participants have their pictures taken and got it printed

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Wise up at 13th World Congress on Public Health PDF Print E-mail

The much anticipated 13th World Congress on Public Health under the theme “Towards Global Health Equity: Opportunities and Threats” was officially opened Yesterday April 23, 2012. The congress is being attended by high officials and dignitaries from government, non government and business communities from close to 170 countries.
Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia with its partner DKT Ethiopia is also taking part in the congress by having a booth to display its Wise Up program. A coffee ceremony is also taking place on the open air in front of the exhibition and conference hall. Both sites are being viewed by many dignitaries and if you happen to be there please drop by our booth, learn about the program and have sip of traditional Ethiopian Coffee.

Public Heath Public Heath Public Heath
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