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Empowering female sex workers through Art PDF Print E-mail

Music Mayday Ethiopia (MMET) has prized scholarships for 45 sex workers from five Drop-in-Centers of Wise Up program, to receive a full package of talent nurturing and development trainings at MMET Talent Factory.

In addition to the regular talent nurturing trainings, the beneficiaries of Wise Up will enjoy intensive life skill and entrepreneurship training packages throughout the year together with over 200 youth at MMET Talent Factory.

During their stay at MMET, the sex workers will have access to internship, mentorship, job coaching, counseling supports, and over 20 stage performances to increase their visibility to the community and the mass through media across the nation.

In the aftermath of their graduation, MMET and TLH foresee to establish the first-ever girls' artistic team, which will inspire their counterparts, influence various communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS and HTPs, and above all create artists who can market their talents and engage in more constructive interventions that will make them active citizens of Ethiopia.

In December 2012, during the fifth annual Safer Life Campaign, TLH and MMET conducted 'Talent Searching' Sessions in all DICs in Addis Ababa. Over 500 sex workers of the program took part in the talent competitions, of which 45 best embedded talents in which nine of them are from each DIC, won the scholarship award for a year.

The trainings are delivered to the winners in eight disciplines; Theater, Music (vocal and instrument), Dance (traditional and modern), Literature, Fine art, and Film making.

Empowering female sex workers through Art Empowering female sex workers through Art Empowering female sex workers through Art
Empowering female sex workers through Art Empowering female sex workers through Art Empowering female sex workers through Art
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Wise Up cooperatives and SHGs performance for the 2nd Quarter, 2012 improves PDF Print E-mail

The performances of most Wise Up cooperatives and Self Help Groups (SHGs) show improvement on the 2nd quarter of 2012. Here are the list of the major progresses and challenges faced.

Major Progresses in the Quarter

  • Most Cooperatives have started their IGAs mainly in food preparation and catering. They are relatively motivated and works actively to make their business profitable
  • About 20 SHGs (composed of 215 SWs) are established in 16 operational sites mostly in previous Wise up sites and within the 3 months duration they have been able to save 25,710 birr.
  • The Cooperatives/SHGs have shown significant progress in financial management, developing  internal manuals/bye laws,  generating income and keeping every records of expenses incurred/income earned
  • Continuous follow-up and technical support provided at all levels by respective field officers and  program officers and cooperative expert
  • Different formats including financial recording forms, tracking and report formats developed.
  • All groups have tin number now
  • In all sites where Cooperatives/SHGs exist, they are catering refreshment and lunch services for any trainings, workshops and meetings. It is to integrate with the programs implemented and intentionally build their financial capacity.
  • From the previous quarter, their performance in profit making and group saving has increased encouragingly.
Wise Up cooperatives and SHGs Wise Up cooperatives and SHGs Wise Up cooperatives and SHGs


Basic Literacy Launched for Sex Workers PDF Print E-mail

Basic Literacy has given to 200 sex workers as one of the major DIC service package. The program is designed for those who cannot read and write. It aimed on enabling them to be taught of the basics in three month time.

The program has now started on a schedule of three day in a week. This pilot program is designed to be given in the selected sites: Harar, Jijiga, Woliso, Jimma, Welayta Sodo, Nekemte, BahirDar, Debere Markos, Shire and Adigrat.

Basic Literacy Basic Literacy Basic Literacy
Basic Literacy Basic Literacy Basic Literacy

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Achieving high in a month PDF Print E-mail

January has been a month to which able host trainings with greater number of sex workers who comparing to other trainings that have held before. Most sites provided two consecutive trainings and about 50 sex workers have been reached per Drop in Centers (DIC). In addition, smaller sites like Mizan, Assela, Wolliso, Dukem and Jijiga have conducted this training. The training that took with Sex workers was conducted in all the existing DICs.

Shire has also hosted a training which gathered 25 people that are vulnerable people to HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Discussions have also dealt on condom use, gender violence and risk of HIV, etc. The training mainly targeted brokers, daily laborers, and house maids, parking workers, drivers and their assistants.

So as to reach the wider community and create demand for condom, bi-monthly condom promotional events were conducted warmly in all 27 regional sites. Each sites selected a theme to address a key area depending on their context. Some of the activities made were talk shows, art presentations, condom demonstrations and other entertainment events.

Our traditional and engaging Coffee Ceremony has also been conducted as usual. Totally about 66 coffee Ceremonies were held, which becomes a platform for the sex workers to discuss social issues and get health education. All sites have conducted at least two sessions in the month and it is technically integrated with DIC service promotion.

As the key partners of the program and strategically to enhance the success of our intervention, an orientation workshop for bar owners and managers was conducted at Shire so as to give brief introduction, create awareness and harmonize their relationship with Sex Workers.

Health referral networks are strengthened enough and referred about 189 sex workers for HCT and STI services during January 2013.The number doesn’t include individuals who took counseling at DICs which are 4 times to the number of individuals who went to the referral services.

Even though the Literacy and Scholarship activities were delayed because of different reasons; it was successful in the month of January. About 200 sex workers enrolled in 10 DICs to get basic literacy and the formal service is underway. On the other hand, 5 sex workers are recruited, three from Mekelle and two from Axum and will begin the scholarship offer next month.

The first bi-annual meeting has been held to review the performance of the projects and draw joint actions with the local partners on the identified progresses and gaps. About 765 participants involved drawn from government offices, NGOs, beneficiaries. We believe in the importance to ensure community participation and to improve local partnership.

Achieving high in the month Achieving high in the month Achieving high in the month
Achieving high in the month Achieving high in the month Achieving high in the month
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Wizening up our community PDF Print E-mail

Wise Up has attained Police officers and MARPs on an aim of intensifying their knowledge about HIV AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and proper condom use.

The training was focused mainly on forwarding updated information and uplifting their knowledge about HIV /AIDS and STI both among the police officers and Most at Risk Populations (MARPs).

Moreover the discussions include issues about women violence, international conventions on the rights of Female Sex Workers (FSW) on safer sexual practice through condom use, mechanisms to stop child trafficking and so on.

The trainees on the MARPs group were recruited from different work environment, social and economic status that have high level of vulnerability to HIV /AIDS and other STIs because of their work environment and Life styles .It includes waiters, brokers, daily laborers, factory and construction workers, hotel securities and parking workers.

The training created valuable awareness about HIV/AIDS, STIs and safer sex through proper condom use among the above listed societal segments.

Two days for each group has been allocated and forty participants attended this inspirational training.

Wizening up our community Wizening up our community Wizening up our community
Wizening up our community Wizening up our community Wizening up our community
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Be Wise, CONDOMIZE! Reaching students PDF Print E-mail

Be Wise, CONDOMIZE! Campaign introduced its new initiative and collaboration in Hawassa and Bahir Dar Universities to extend its reach to students.

To hold its first college and university initiative, the campaign was launched in Bahir Dar from November 26th-28th 2012. The campaign has able to reach out to students and over 500 individuals participated from the symposium as well as from the city of Bahir Dar.

The campaign was also held for three consecutive days in one of the big city Hawassa and reached for 5,000 individuals and managed to distribute 50,000 condoms and 10,500 promotional give away materials including pens, pocket calendars, t shirts, temporary tattoos, were distributed.

Be Wise, CONDOMIZE! Campaign launched in the aim of narrowing the gap between knowledge and action and also to give alertness on di-stigmatizing condoms among college and university students.

The campaign reached out to participants where t-shirts, temporary tattoos, brochures, condoms and pens were distributed along with Ethiopian coffee ceremony, were visitors were encouraged to discuss about condoms in a very relaxed environment with music, drama and comedy shows.

The campaign was organized by UNFPA, DKT Ethiopia, Timret Le Hiwot Ethiopia and MSI Ethiopia.

Condomize reaching students Condomize reaching students Condomize reaching students
Condomize reaching students Condomize reaching students Condomize reaching students
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The fifth annual safer life campaign is successfully completed PDF Print E-mail

The other brand and colorful, a month long, celebration of the World AIDS Day is the usual safer life campaign. It is conducted colorfully in all regions (including Addis Ababa) with strategically selected themes through December 2012. Of course, safer life has been a unique identity of the Wise Up program being implemented for the last 5 years. Clearly, it has been playing big role in public mobilization and promoting the organization and the Wise Up program. This year, December as month of uniquely organized ‘safer life campaign’, passed with immense undertaking of awareness raising, promotional and safer life activities. All sites have conducted the campaign with different package of events and specific plan designed in accordance with their local context to address the specified targets. About 285,596 (188,011 M, 103,992 F) people directly reached and about 1,000,000 people are expected to be reached in aggregate via road shows and local media broadcasts.  This year’s safer life is very unique and different in that it is;

  • Significantly cost effective without compromising quality
  • Strategically  gears to reach sex workers and their clients
  • Closely monitored and technically assisted
  • Many and diverse activities done depending on the local context
  • Very colorful, magnificent and addressed diversified population groups
  • Relatively  many  partners involved and  the events were made  with diverse stakeholders in terms of resources and  execution
  • More than 5 sites’ safer life campaigns have got media coverage (Local FM radios eg. Harar, Mekelle and Nekemte) and VOA  in the Amaharic and Tigrigna programs
The Fifth Annual safer life Campaign The Fifth Annual safer life Campaign The Fifth Annual safer life Campaign
Fifth Annual Safer Life Campaign The Fifth Annual safer life Campaign The Fifth Annual safer life Campaign
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