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Three days after the 4th Wise Up annual summit started, representatives of all Wise up Drop in Centers from all over Ethiopia has displayed their activity to the people of Mekelle. On June 18, 2013 Wise Up has launched the open street exhibition in Lucy Garden, Mekelle. Thirty two Wise Up Drop In Centers activity has presented to the public by their respective program coordinator and outreach worker. Condom Demonstration, Sex workers training, police officers training, stakeholders meeting, and coffee ceremony with sex workers was some of Wise Up Drop in Centers activity that was presented

Public Exhibition PublicExhibition PublicExhibition
PublicExhibition PublicExhibition PublicExhibition
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Wise Up Family, gathered to discuss their yearly achievements and draw backs from all over Ethiopia in North of pole of the country.  The fourth annual summit of Wise Up program had been celebrated in Mekelle with a warm welcoming of the dwellers and staffs of Wise Up Mekelle.

Looking back the achievements, way forwards for the problems and future directions has taken the summit for seven days.  The summit has been attended by 130 Wise Up staffs that came from 32 Drop In Centers and Income Generating Association (IGA) members from all over Ethiopia.

The 4th Annual Summit of Wise Up has officially started on Saturday June 15, 2013. After the registration program in the morning, the summit has started its formal session in the afternoon with a welcoming speech and positive attitude training by Solmone Abebe and Henock Alemayehu, Network Manager and Director of Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia respectively. The positive attitude and life skill training has brought a positive spirit to start with.

Annual reports of Wise Up program has presented  by the Program Manager, Belayneh Mazengiaw and other departmental reports has took the steps and presented the yearly achievements and draw backs throughout the  summit. By recapping the presentations presented by the respective heads, discussions on the program with the representatives of 32 Drop in Centers took a longer time each day.

Wise Up family has also fundraised more than 7,000 Birr for Mekelle cooperatives by hosting different activities after the official summit hour. Irish Quiz, Bingo night and treasure hunting has been engage in recreation by the participants of the summit and created the friendship within the circle.

The 4th Annual Summit of Wise Up took place from June 14 to June 20, 2013. The first annual summit has took place in Debrezeite in 2009, second summit Bahir Dar in 2010 and 3rd summit held in Yergalem, Fura collage 2011

Wise Up 4th Annual Summit Wise Up 4th Annual Summit Wise Up 4th Annual Summit
Wise Up 4th Annual Summit Wise Up 4th Annual Summit Wise Up 4th Annual Summit
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Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia PDF Print E-mail

Wise Up Debre Markos: The new branch has launched its first program activity in the middle of May.

Wise Up Debre Markos stepped in by arranging a workshop focused on promoting the details of Wise Up program to the various stake holders which are directly related to the well functioning of the program aim.

Delegates from HAPCO, BOFED, Women and Youth Affair Office, PLWA Associations, Government Communication Affairs Office, Debre Markos University delegates, Youth Associations, Local government Administrations, and other sectors which are believed to be the major stake holders for wise up program to be implemented in Debre Markos town discussed on the details of specific program activities, the strategies to be employed, and the ways of supportive relationships. More over they discussed the possible challenges that will be faced in the future and the possible solution mechanisms.

They also applauded the objectives and approaches of wise up program in its functionality and problem solving to-wards the increasing prevalence of HIV and STDs among the increasing number of female sex workers, FSWs in the town.

The first round of training given to twenty five Sex- workers and vulnerable groups in the new opened Drop In Center. The training were arranged to create a better awareness on prevalence, prevention and transmission of HIV/AIDS and other STIs for FSWs.

The twenty five female sex workers who took the training were recruited from local drink houses. The training also  endorse the services that wise up will offer for the sex workers in the Drop In Center and practices of safer sex through proper condom use in every situation of sexual transactions.

On the other hand,  bar owners and managers meeting was focused in promoting the detail wise up program activities and to figure out the possible ways in which the bar and local drink house owners and managers cooperate with the wise up program.

Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia
Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia Congratulation to Debre Markos, Ethiopia
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Generate proficient individuals PDF Print E-mail

Members are now getting consecutive trainings and ruled by the in house regulation to help them bring behavioral change and avoid disagreements so that they can work for the same vision. With such kind of supports they are now able to find market and build their business carrier.
The donated initial capital was 35,124.18 Birr and in the second round they were given 26,000 birr, in total of 61,124.18 birr has been funded to support their projects and for its sustainability. 
In the start of this program they have been supported through one to one training, saving, loan, and business management skills with a follow up from wise up staff, Arba minch.
By preparing different criteria with the support of government staffs two of the groups decided to join in the IGA and the Nasay groups which are the rest involved themselves in working in a restaurant business.
Even though problems popped up everywhere after being organized which becomes a reason to vanish for some of the groups and a threat for the rest, 6 groups sustained with the problem out of the 10. 
Residential Sex workers in Arba Minch who took the two days wise up training got a drive to organize themselves into groups which made them get business skills like saving. Arba minch, south of Ethiopia; As to bring better life to the most disadvantaged group, sex workers have been trained, organized and funded to make them able generate their own income.

Generate proficient individuals Generate proficient individuals Generate proficient individuals
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Solid Inspiration for Change PDF Print E-mail

The Town of wolita Sodo becomes a final destination and a place for five sex workers to change their life after moving around in different towns of Ethiopia for the past few years.

Senaite and her four friends met up in Wise Up, Wolita Sodo branch, for sex workers training where they aimed for a better life together. They have been working as a commercial sex worker for eight years. All of them have moved around to a minimum of 5 towns to get far from their family and earn money from this business.

After taking two days training, with the support of Wise Up staffs in Wolita Sodo they organized themselves in a group of 65 members to work on a restaurant business and also to run ladies beauty salon.

They have been through so much and passed many problematic steps to get here. In the process the members of the group went down from 65 to 5 but through all this Senaite Abera, Genet w/Michael, Betelhem Ketema and Tirunesh Alem didn’t lose hope and courage of overcoming the problems they face every now and then.

Today even though the Hair Salon is closed because of financial issues and lack of skilled professionals, but they own a restaurant in the middle of Sodo’s biggest market, Merkato. Aiming big, they are now competing to sign a contract with Sodo University’s cafeteria and to deliver meal to the students. With the income they earn from their restaurant they managed to help their family and improve their life through the years.

Solid Inspiration for Change Solid Inspiration for change Solid Inspiration for change
Solid Inspiration for change Solid Inspiration for change Solid Inspiration for change
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Working for a Dream PDF Print E-mail

In a historical city of Dire Dawa 520km outside of Addis, Mahlet has changed the stereotype that has given to her and her friends.

Mahlet, 25, was born and grew in Dire Dawa city where she started swimming and brought her talent to the highest with all the ups and downs of life she went through.

Since her early age Mahlet has participated in many swimming competitions and brought 16 medals for Diredawa city. Even though she was struggling cope up with the problems she had in life, Mahlet has joined the sex working business to support her two children. Being a single mom, Mahlet has stopped swimming for 2 years and start struggling to survive with her children.

After 5 years of working in this business she has approached by the outreach workers of wise up in Dire Dawa city, which made her regain her talent and break the stereotype and show that she also had something to contribute to her region and to her country as well. She took peer training a year before in wise up, Dire Dawa.

Mahlet worknehe has stood second last Saturday in five different swimming competitions. She is now working to make her dream true and raise her country’s flag to the world.

Working for a dream Working for a Dream Working for a Dream
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Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up PDF Print E-mail

Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia, wise up program Supportive supervision team had successful oversee fifteen project sites to identify gaps, recommend actions and to timely take steps for the next better performance.

Program and human resource department has teamed up for the quarterly supportive supervision to validate data figures reported against the data filled in the logbooks and report formats in the given quarter, to update field staff on organizational issues and give priority directions, to see the overall implementation status of the wise up program and to offer possible technical remedies for lags and deviations from the set operation plans and objectives

Arbaminch, Wolayta Sodo, Hawassa, Shashemene, Robe, Assela, Dukem, Bahir Dar, Debre Markos, Gonder, Dessie, Alamata, Adigrat, Mekelle, and Semera are the selected regional sites out of the 41 for the second quarter performance supportive supervision.

The functionality of Drop In Centers and the services being provided to the target groups (how well their physical conditions and locations, the types of services provided and the materials available to provide the services to the target groups) have been looked and accordingly provide any technical assistance needed to outreach workers.

To further strengthen the accessibility of the centers, the HR department has recruited field staffs in the already existing and newly opened sites.

Document review; discussion with staff and beneficiaries; Observation and outreach activity visits were the methods used during the supervision.

The team has also visited the SHG’s shop found in the town and discuss with the leaders about the performance of the group.

Some of the promising findings that have been observed by the team during the supervision  were the Good partnership with governmental and nongovernmental sectors i.e. City HAPCO, FGAE, timely submission of Progress reports to the government sectors and implementation of Routine activities as per set schedule and action plans.

For next supervision reference all the promising findings and identified gaps have clearly written in the supportive supervision logbook.

Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up
Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up Supportive supervision to reinforce Wise Up
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