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‘Today is Saturday’: In collaboration with Arbol pictures Safer Life Campaign has presented the 4th annual photo exhibition.

The 4th Safer Life photo exhibition has organized a unique show by collecting and displaying 5 sex workers photo shoots at Wise Up Research and Capacity Building Center Gallery.

The photo exhibition has tried to exhibit how Saturday looks in the eyes of these sex workers, in view of Saturday as a high business day for sex workers.

After a one day training by professional photographers the sex workers has took a picture of two Saturdays with a disposable camera.

Aynalem Tesfaye, Mesert Solomon, Nardos Tadewos, Betelhem Biruk and Emebet  Wedago has presented hundreds of pictures and sold more than half of the displayed pictures during the exhibition.

Sebeta, Ankorecha,Debrezeit Lake Hora, Entoto area are the few places that they include in the exhibition beside their surrounding areas.

“It is my first time to take picture, the disposable camera helped us a lot to take picture in public places because it doesn’t seem like we are taking pictures. I didn’t expect that the final result of the picture would be like this because it was somehow challenging. The training helped us a lot since it was also my very first time. After this, I want to take pictures during my part time.” Aynalem

The photo exhibition has encouraged most of them to take art either as a hobby or a profession. Most of the sex workers who have participated in the photography and in the exhibition have got inspired by the sell and positive comments of the invited guests.

“I was so much interested about art since I was young because of this I had joined Master film production and also I got a scholarship in 6 kilo on poetry and literature.

This is my second time to join the Safer Life photo exhibition, every time it is exciting to me to work with Wise Up. Photography allows us to show what people are not seeing. I like nature better than city live photography.

I want to be a photographer, actor, or a writer, somewhere in the art.” Betelhem

One-month long Safer-Life campaign will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and appropriate condom usage by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups. Safer Sex Safer environment, Safer Sex Safer. The photo exhibition will be open till January 15, 2013.

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Safer Life in a Military PDF Print E-mail

As one of the most at risk population, Safer Life campaign has addressed the military.  To raise their awareness about HIV and STIs Safer Life has targeted military who is residing at the prime minister’s resident and the Grand National Palace.

Music, poetry, panel discussions, and condom demonstration competition was part of the program that has stayed on for two days in a row.

Uniformed services, including defense and civil defense forces, are highly vulnerable to sexually -   transmitted infections (STIs), mainly because of their work environment, mobility, age and other facilitating factors that expose them to higher risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

Taking this into consideration, Wise up program, as its major concern to prevent HIV and STIs  among the most at risk population, arranged a two days entertaining and informing sessions for two days.

This program is primarily designed to entertain and create awareness on issues of HIV and STIS. During the panel discussions several issues concerning HIV/AIDS and STIs were raised and discussed.

Among the other, the transmission, prevention, medical care, voluntary testing and safer sex issues were given a great concern during the panel discussion. The panelists were also well informed on the basic concepts and mechanisms of educating about the issue.

This one-month long (December)Safer-Life campaign will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and appropriate condom usage by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups.

‘BALUKA’ Who Owns the Sex Industry? PDF Print E-mail

‘BALUKA’ : A cartoon exhibition in which its story revolves around the sex workers and boyfriends has been open to the public. Life of sex workers and the social perception has been presented in humor by  Atronos Art Gallery and studio.

In collaboration with Atronos Art Gallery and Studio, Safer Life Campaigned has launched the 6th cartoon exhibition on 10th December,2013 at Shega Crafts and Gallery.

The ideas of this art works emanates from the life of the sex workers and their boyfriends. This young and creative artists of this art work has studied the life of the sex workers to come up with the cartoon exhibition idea. Displaying a typical house of sex worker was also part of the exhibition to show their life style.

The Essence of these art works is to elicit youth community through art and draw various reactions from viewers. The cartoon Exhibition has been attended by partners of Wise Up, Artists, Rotaract family and invited guests.

Safer Life campaign together with Atronos Art Gallery and studio, have done 5 cartoon exhibitions during the last five years under the themes, Life of Female Sex Workers, Life In University, Ethiopian Housemaids, Most at Risk Populations, and Substance Abuse and Vulnerability to HIV in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 accordingly.

The one-month long (December)Safer-Life campaign in celebration of World AIDS Day, will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and appropriate condom usage by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups. Photo exhibitions , Music festivals and sport competitions are among them.

CartoonExhibition CartoonExhibition CartoonExhibition
CartoonExhibition CartoonExhibition CartoonExhibition
'The five years journey of Safer Life PDF Print E-mail

In commemoration to the World AIDS day Safer Life Campaign has launched on December 2, 2013 at Shega crafts and gallery.  The campaign has opened the Five Years Journey of Safer Life Campaign photo exhibition during the launching program.

Safer Life has now counted 6 years in a row since 2008, Safer Life campaign has started this year’s campaign by recognizing its partners who have contributed and give support to the success of the Wise Up program and Safer Life campaign.

Addis Ababa Sub Cities HAPCO , Music May Day, Atronus art gallery & studio, Design lab, Bar and Hotel Owners,  Addis Ababa Sub Cities Police directorates, Addis Ababa Sub Cities Police Directorate, Addis Ababa woreda health offices , Family Guidance Association are the few partners who have got the recognition.

This one-month long (December)Safer-Life campaign will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and appropriate condom usage by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups.

Cartoon exhibition focusing on “Baluka” (Boyfriends and husbands of Sex Workers), Photo Exhibition captured by sex workers which illustrate about sex workers on Saturdays under the title of “Saturday and Sex workers”, Street art exhibition, Safer Life Dart competition,  Candle night and Music festival are among the few activities that are going to be held during the campaign.

Safer Life will engage all concerned stakeholders for greater impact in the fight against HIV/AIDS. All events will take place in Addis and 28 other regional sites from 2 to 31 December 2013.

Safer Life 5years journey Safer Life 5years journey Safer Life 5years journey
Safer Life 5years journey Safer Life 5years journey Safer Life 5years journey
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Stretching to South of Ethiopia PDF Print E-mail

DKT Ethiopia has organized a two days training for 180 individuals in Yirgachefe, 395 km from Addis Ababa regarding HIV and Reproductive health. The training was given in six rounds targeting the youth and women at Yirgachefe Youth Center.

Participants were divided into two groups; the first group consists of 90 youths, and the second group 90 women working in local drinking houses, so every day two sessions were carried out at the same time in different training rooms. The group consist individuals who have different background such as, daily laborers, sex workers, students, domestic workers etc.

Prior to the training, pre test about the training topics were prepared and given for the participants to measure their awareness level, to select topics require more emphasis and also to choose the best training method for the group. The result showed that 90% of the participants were scored below the average which shows that they have less awareness about the training topic.

At the end of the training, the questions used during pre test were given for the attendants as a post test; most of the trainees’ were able to answer 60% of the questions correctly, which indicate that after the training the attendants’ awareness level improved.

Yirgachefe is one of the woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia, from Addis Ababa along the road to Moyale at a distance of 395 km, 126 km from Hawassa the regional capital.

Yirgachefe was recognized as a town since 1924. The main factors for the establishment of the town were the presence of internationally recognized Coffee Arabica in the surrounding area of the town, its being economic and political administration center.

Based on the 2007 Census conducted by the CSA, this woreda has a total population of 195,256, of whom 97,385 are men and 97,871 women; 7.74% of its population is urban dwellers.

Streaching to South of Ethiopia Streaching to South of Ethiopia Streaching to South of Ethiopia
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Yoga for female sex workers PDF Print E-mail

Wise Up has offered Yoga training for the sex workers to strengthen their body from the inside-out, so that they don’t just look good only, to feel good too.

Wise Up has brought yoga as one of the brain wave stimulations to alter body chemistry by healing depression and stress. Headaches, menstrual cramps, urinary-tract problems, weak immune function, incontinence, etc. virtually become a thing of the past.

The first yoga training has facilitated at Akaki Nifas Silk Wise up Drop In Center.  The training was provided by a volunteer certified yoga practitioner to be given once in a week for one hour and intend to help trainees to be physically flexible, mentally strong and psychologically courageous.

In addition to the training, the activity also intends to inspire the sex workers so that they can pursue whatever they want to achieve in every aspect of their life journey.

So far the training has been given almost for two months for nearly 15 sex workers.

According to the reflection of the trainees, at end of every session, they witness that they have seen some changes on a physical level and also high level of energy on their training days. Each of the yoga poses is built to reinforce the muscles around the spine, the very center of your body, which is the core from which everything else operates. When the core is working properly, posture is improved, thus alleviating back, shoulder and neck pain.

Yoga practice is also believed to help, in increasing high blood circulation that will boost the energy level, high physical strength and flexibility, promote healthy posture, improve immunity; stress and depression relief and inspiration are few of the benefits.

Yoga is a philosophy which is first developed in India, in which physical exercises and meditation are believed to help people to become calmer and united in sprit with God.

Yoga for commercial sex-workers Yoga for sex-workers Yoga for sex-workers
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Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture PDF Print E-mail

Axum Police officers and sex workers has gathered around a coffee ceremony to resolve the uncertain and problematical issues between them.

In Collaboration with Axum police officers, Wise Up Axum has hosted the biggest coffee ceremony to discuss the problems of sex workers in the city.

During the coffee ceremony 129 sex workers have attended and discussed the challenges they have been facing during their duty time. One of the problems that have been mentioned during the coffee ceremony was about residence Identity card which also became a barrier to the sex workers to open a bank account and save their money.

Assault from their clients, high exit money request from the bar owners and having no freedom to leave the hotel are the few among the listed problems they mentioned. In a response to this, the Police officers’ head has discussed and advised them the solutions in regard to the legal conditions, by making a point to what extent their legality is assured.

Partnering with Axum Wise Up Office, the police Officers’ head has promised to host this kind of platform every month to tackle the unnoticed area of the sex workers.

Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture

Since the start of its implementation, Wise Up has developed strategies to help police officers understand the situation and needs of the sex workers, also to address the police and law enforcement agencies’ negative attitudes and practices towards sex workers. These strategies include educational training and seminars on issues such as harm reduction as well as establishing and maintaining contact with local police officials and justice bodies to raise awareness of the program’s work. Thus, 635 participants (461 M and 174 F) from the police and persons from the justice office participated in the sensitization workshop conducted in all DICs.

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