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Creating Awareness through Infotainment PDF Print E-mail

Condom promotion events have taken place in all Drop In Centers of Wise Up Addis Ababa.  In collaboration with Music May Day, Wise Up has organized colorful condom promotion events in 5 drop in centers of Addis Ababa.

The event has promoted use the of condom among sex workers through entertainment and by actively engaging sex workers in  different debate programs on different issues related to the use of condom.

The program was held to encourage the use of condoms to pass up unprotected sex,  the leading cause of HIV transmission and other STIs.

Such condom promotion events different from the usual way like education, counseling and advertising are likely an effective program at preventing HIV infections, under the right conditions and to gear towards bringing the intended behavioral change.

Music and dance completion, drama, poetry and Talent Competition were one of the major activities during the condom promotion event.

The activity has been done in the 5 Drop In Centers (DIC) located in Addis Ababa Kolfe Subcity, Yeka bole, Arada, Addis ketema and Nifas silk sub city DICs. The event has reached in average of more than 70 female sex workers in each DICs.

Music Mayday Ethiopia (MMET) had awarded scholarships for 45 sex workers in 2013 from five Drop-in-Centers of Wise Up Addis Ababa. The scholarship has awarded to the beneficiaries of Wise Up to receive a full package of talent nurturing and development trainings at the MMET Talent Factory.

Creating Awareness through  Infotainment Creating Awareness through  Infotainment Creating Awareness through  Infotainment
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A Rewarding Struggle to a Better Future PDF Print E-mail

Elsa & Friends Cooperatives has come up with a new soap recipe of papaya leaves and olive, sunflower, Niger and palm oils.

Elsa and Friends is a soap producing cooperative based in Bahirdar city of Amhara regional state.  13 women who decided to seek financial independence came together two years ago and started the cooperative. Currently the cooperative has 10 active members who are working hard in the production of soap.

Two years since establishment and a year after going operational, the cooperative eventually grown to be strong. Ever since they were provided with trainings and went into production the group has produced thousands of homemade soaps.

In the aim of widening their soap business, Elsa and her nine friends has now started the adult literacy class supported by their surrounding government local administration.

Soap Soap Soap

Following the implementation of Pilot Soap IGA initiative, stories such as Elsa and Friend’s cooperative started to be heard from two cities where the program is implemented. The two cooperatives in Mekelle city of Tigray Regional state and Bahirdar city producing flavored soaps.

In an effort to support these life changing activities by members of the cooperative, Wise Up purchased thousands of their soaps to be distributed at various Wise Up DICs offices that provide sex workers and vulnerable groups with sanitation services.

The 32 Wise Up Drop In Centers are now using the handmade soaps for the sex workers who come to use the Drop In Centers facility daily demand. In nine months of time after a vocational training, these two cooperatives have coped to distribute their product for 28 towns in Ethiopia where the Wise Up Drop In Centers are located.

Mekelle’s Aster & Aseqwale and Bahirdar’s Elsa & Friends cooperatives have been preparing homemade soaps in five different natural flavors namely avocado, orange, papaya, Lemon and guava soaps. In addition to this they are preparing soap design package for future promotion & advertizing their product.

Mekelle  Wise Up office mobilized a resource  from LED project in UNDP  two cooperatives namely Aster & Asequale  partnership cooperative  and Woyni & Eleni self help group to get an amount of 100,000 Birr  to strengthen income generation activities in the month of June/2013.

Currently the cooperative activities is working at 8 sub city of Addis Ababa (Arada,kirkos,Addis ketema,Gulelel,Bole,Yeka,Ledeta,kolefe) and 11 regional sites (Bahirdar, Mekelle, Assosa, Diredawa, Harere, Hawassa, Sodo, Adama, Jijiga, Shashemene, Gondar).

Soap Soap Soap
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Guzo Adwa: Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa PDF Print E-mail

Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa

Honoring Guzo Adwa (Journey Adwa) voyagers’, Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia has made a welcoming program in Mekelle and Adigrat Wise Up Drop In Centers. In Support of the six journalists who have made a historical journey in Commemoration of the Battle of Adwa, Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia, Wise Up Program staffs have joined the team for a reception at Mekelle and Adigrat, 220 km and 100 km respectively away from Adwa.

On January 19th 2014 the Six Journalist Berhane Niguse, Ermias Alemu,  Mohammed Kassa, Mulugeta Mergasa, Alemzewed Kasahun, and Yared Shumete had begun the 934 km historical journey at 5:30 am, commencing from the statue of Menilik II around Piazza, Addis Ababa by foot.

Timret Lehiwot Ethiopian, Wise Up Program Staff has made a warm welcoming  dinner reception at the hotel’s they have stayed. During their short stay in Mekelle and Adigrat, the Adwa voyagers’ has visited the Italian Soldiers cemetery in Mekelle University, Wise Up Drop In Centers and briefed about some of it projects around the area.

The Battle of Adwa was fought on 1 March 1896 between the Ethiopian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy near the town of Adwa, Ethiopia, in Tigray. It was the climactic battle of the First Italo – Ethiopian war, securing Ethiopian sovereignty.

During the time where most of Africa had been carved up among the European powers the two independent exceptions were the young Republic of Liberia on the west coast of the continent and the Ethiopian Empire in the strategic Horn of Africa.

As the 20th century approached the relative newcomer to the Colonial scramble for Africa, Italy has invaded Ethiopia in 1895 coming from the two recently obtained African territories: Eritrea and Somaliland.

The two forces of General Oreste Baratieri of Italy and Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia’s remained in place through February 1896, with their supply situations rapidly deteriorating. Pressured by the government in Rome to act, Baratieri called a council of war on February 29th.

On the night of 29 February and the early morning of 1 March three Italian brigades advanced separately towards Adwa over narrow mountain tracks. At the End of the war by 12 Noon, March 1st more than six thousand Italian men were killed, 2,000 wounded, 2,000 made prisoners and more than 2,000 fled in the face of Ethiopian onslaught.

Adwa victory witnessed not just an Ethiopian victory; in a broad historical context, Adwa symbolizes a victory of African people, in the Continent and in the Diaspora.

At a time when African independence culminated in the freedom of South Africans from the restraints of Apartheid, and when there is a growing sense of unity among Africans and people of African descent, Adwa is observed not only as symbol of African freedom but also as an inspiration for the reemergence of African civilization.

Guzo Adwa (Journey Adwa) has took this long journey  honoring the Battle of Adwa,  Ethiopian’s struggle for the sovereignty of Ethiopia as well as the symbol of hope to the freedom of the rest of the Africa. Guzo Adwa voyagers’ are expected to reach Adwa on March 1st 2014.

Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa
Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa Guzo Adwa:  Journey to Commemorate Battle of Adwa
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Wise Up Harari Ranked First PDF Print E-mail

Wise Up program has stood 1st from the NGOs that reside in the Harari. In the photo exhibition in which 24 NGOs participated, Wise Up program has got the highest rank by its outstanding participation in the community.

The photo Exhibition has been held for three days to strengthen NGO membership platform and to showcase their work to the public.  During this exhibition Wise Up Program has displayed its 6 years of journey in Harari which has been attended with more than 10,000 dwellers.  Besides exhibiting photos of Wise Up activities, different IEC materials informative broachers has distributed to the visitors.

Wise Up Harari has now accomplished its one month Safer Life campaign events in the city. Condom demonstration, Mr. Condom threats on main roads of the city, Music and Drama festivals were some of the activities which enable them to reach more than 11,200 population of the city.

Wise Up Harari Ranked First Wise Up Harari Ranked First Wise Up Harari Ranked First
Wise Up Harari Ranked First Wise Up Harari Ranked First Wise Up Harari Ranked First
Safer Life to University Students PDF Print E-mail

In collaboration with the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU), Safer Life campaign has hosted different activities that would enable students and the community informed with updated information about HIV/AIDS and SRH.

To create an enabling environment for the prevention and control of the HIV epidemic among AASTU community and play a leading role in the search for effective prevention and to Promote youth dialogue, Safer Life Campaign has created a stage for panel discussions with the students, paper presentation, experience sharing, question and answer sessions and different entertainments including Key note address by the university president, Dr. Tarekegn Tadesse to motivate the different sector of the AASTU members to participate in the anti HIV/AIDS campaign in any possible way.

The primary target groups of the program were AASTU students (undergraduate regular students whose age category is under 25). Nearby high school students (students from Lelaris), AASTU academic and administrative staff members are the secondary beneficiaries of the program.

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University is the youngest University in Ethiopia. Since its foundation, AASTU has been serving as an academic center for research and inquiry in the field of Science and Technology.  Currently, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University has a regular student population of more than 7,000 within the compound. The fact that it is inhabited by a young population, it houses a large number of people highly vulnerable to HIV infection. In addition to this, nowadays, many students of the University face risks to SRH related problems like unsafe sex, unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion, sexual harassment, gender based violence and so forth.

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Laughter therapy to the Sex workers PDF Print E-mail

World Laughter Master Belachew Girma has visited Mekele and Axum Wise Up Drop In Centers on his trip to North.

Sex workers in the DIC’s have welcomed him in their traditional cloth and Ashenda dance. He has given briefs about HIV/STI and condom demonstration. Belachew has also entertained the sex workers and cooperative members with his laughing ceremony at the closing of his programs.

Mekele wise up has now accomplished its one month Safer Life campaign events in the city. Panel discussions in the university and high school, condom demonstration, military training about HIV/STI, briefing about homosexuality in prisons, Music and Drama festivals were some of the activities which enable them to reach more than 13,800 population of the city.

Belachew’s visit to the north sites of Wise Up program   have been a good opportunity to bring a relaxing end to the 2013 Safer Life campaign with laughter.

World Laughter Master Belachew Girma, 44 is a laughter therapist by profession, World record holder laughing 3 hr and 6 min continuously. He is the founder of the first laughter school in Africa, Ethiopian national laughter day and also the cofounder of world laughter pledge. Belachew Who is a father of 6 children rebuilt his life after he lost his wife due to HIV/ AIDS and his business center due to fire and flood accident.

In the World Gunnies Impossibility Challenger Event held in Germany Munich in 2002, the World Laughter Master Belachew Registered the 1st nonstop world laughter record with 2hrs and 40 minute and improved to 3hr and 6 minutes nonstop laughter in 2003 and 2008.

He also established a foundation where laughter day is celebrated at national level every year in Ethiopia. As a practitioner, he assured the healing power of laughter working as a laughter therapist with orphan children in Ethiopia.

Laughter therapy to the Sex workers Laughter therapy to the Sex workers Laughter therapy to the Sex workers
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Safer Life Campaign for people with disability PDF Print E-mail

The first ever produced RH/HIV visual teaching manual has inaugurated. Wise Up program in collaboration with Deaf Development Information Association (DDIA) and Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) has launched a visual teaching CD on January 2, 2014.

To empower and educate people with disability, Safe Life Campaign has taken part in empowering them through education.  This peer education CD in sign language has contained the prevention and transmission of HIV and STIs, usage of condom, drug abuses, and gender violence.

The CD has launched in the presence of DDID, CSSP, Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia and other partner organization officials at Shega Crafts and Gallery with Inner Vision Abera Band entertainment.  Free copies of the CD will be available in Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia head office.

Safer Life Campaign for people with disability Safer Life Campaign for people with disability Safer Life Campaign for people with disability
Safer Life Campaign for people with disability Safer Life Campaign for people with disability Safer Life Campaign for people with disability
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