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The director of DKT International, Christopher Purdy, and DKT Ethiopia, Rory Harrington, visited the Arada Wise Up Drop In Center (DIC) of Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia on November 12, 2014.

Upon their visit the directors were greeted by Henock Alemayehu, Director of Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia (TLHE), Solomon Abebe, Wise up program manager and other TLHE staff along with the Female Sex Workers covered by the services of the DIC. They were then briefed by Solomon Abebe on the various facilities in the DIC and the services provided.

After visiting the compound the directors held discussion with the Female Sex Workers (FSW) with both sides exchanging questions and responses. Their discussions started with the FSWs briefing the guests on what kind of services they get and how they utilize the information in their daily lives. Accordingly, they identified the fundamental knowledge they get on STDs and the counseling service they get as the most important.

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The Director of DKT International, Christopher Purdy, asked the FSWs which sort of condoms they like. The FSWs noted that they use whatever sort of condom they can access easily. They added that well lubricated condoms do not tear off easily and that too much lubricant has its own problems as well. They also pointed out that looser rings would be preferred by their clients as some of them complain that it is too tight.

He then asked what sort of contraceptives, in addition to condoms, they use to avoid pregnancy and where they usually get those from. The FSWs explained that they use IUDs, arm implanted contraceptives and pills. They noted that pills have an adverse effect on their skin. They also indicated that government health centers are their main sources of contraceptives. The Director of DKT Ethiopia, …, informed the FSWs that there are pills that clear the skin up and asked if they would buy those if provided to them. The FSWs noted that those would be good as they would at the same time cut their cosmetic costs.

The Director of DKT International, Christopher Purdy, also asked if the women would be interested in buying abortion pills. The women responded by saying that they get such services from Marie Stops and Family Guidance for very low price and noted that they would use such pills if the price is lower than the currently available ones.

The FSWs then asked why DKT has not yet supplied ample female condom on the market considering that it them who should primarily control condom use during intercourse. The Director of DKT International stated that the main reason is that female condom costs as much as 40 times larger to produce that male condom. He added that they are looking for organizations that would subsidize it for the price to be affordable to anyone.

dktstopleadersvisit dktstopleadersvisit dktstopleadersvisit

The FSWs then asked if DKT has any plans in the pipeline to help them get themselves out of this life. The Director of DKT Ethiopia, Rory Harrington, responded by saying that the organization basically works on HIV Prevention and family planning but that they are preparing grant requests for donors to fund Female Sex Worker programs. He further stated that there is a recent tendency of donors to hold their support back on such programs as financial self-sustainability of the programs has been generally unsuccessful.

Finally, the women thanked the Directors for their time and explanation while the Directors expressed their gratitude for sharing various information. The Director of DKT Ethiopia, Rory Harrington, appreciated the work being done by Timret Lehiwot and DKT in collaboration and assured those working on Wise Up program that he is available to discuss various issues.

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