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Four days FC2 or Female Condom training organized by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia (TLHE) was given for 96 Female Sex Workers at the end of September, 2014 at the Pacific, Ras and Global Hotels. The training were conducted by health professionals from the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO) and Family Guidance Association.

The training was given for 49 Female Sex Workers from Yeka/Bole, 24 from Arada/Kirkos and 23 from Akaki Kaliti/Nefas Silk sub-cities. Addis Ababa Central Cluster Coordinator, Dereje Kussa, stated that those who received the training were Female Sex Workers from bars, hotels and the street identified based on outreach work.

Ato Dereje further explained that the training’s aim was to create awareness about female condom and promote its use. Accordingly, he went on to say, the training topics were guided by a manual prepared by DKT Ethiopia that encompasses topics on: general highlight on male and female condoms including their comparison, how do female condoms work, general feature of female condoms including materials from which it is made, size and protection capability, the advantage of the two rings found at the two ends of the female condom, who can use female condom, dual protection of female condom and steps in using female condom. The training finally concluded with a demonstration of its use.

FC2training FC2training FC2training

Ato Dereje also pointed out that the trainers employed Q &A, group discussion and presentation along with demonstrations to encourage participation of trainees. The participation of the trainees, he noted, was very active and commendable.

The major concerns of participants were that a one day training was not enough, that the female condom should be publicized better as their clients should be aware enough for them to start using female condom and that they are concerned about them finding the steps quite difficult to maneuver.

Semira, Yeka/Bole DIC coordinator pointed out that the DIC conducted pre-training test of the participants’ attitude towards female condom to be followed by a post-training test. She said that the results clearly showed that the participants wanted to try the female condom after the training. She stated that most of them even asked and left with some to try.

This is the second round of FC2 training with the first conducted in June, 2014 and encompassing 201 FSW trainees in all five DICs in Addis. As these training aim at acquainting FSWs with female condoms, their unavailability for sale is becoming an issue on its own.

FC2training FC2training FC2training
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