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The two days capacity building training for Wise Up outreach coordinators launched on Monday, September 29, 2014 at Timber Lehiwot Ethiopia’s (TLHE) head office was completed as scheduled on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

The two days training aimed at increasing the quality of trainings and coffee ceremonies for FSW. It encompassed topics on HIV Counseling, behavioral change communication or training facilitation skills, current facts on female sex work and condom, TLHE manual on FSW training, titles and discussion points for coffee ceremony, tools to FSW training process, output and outcome, and new wise up strategic directions.

Wiise Up Coordinators Training

Wise up program manager at TLHE, Solomon Abebe, noted after the TOT that the goal was to provide trainees with updated information on FSW training, methods of making the sessions more engaging, selecting topics for discussion and conducting monitoring and evaluation of the sessions. Solomon explained that the incorporation of such methods intended to raise the quality of trainings and coffee ceremonies for FSWs. He further stated that the training has provided outreach coordinators with the opportunity to exchange their experiences besides building on their training facilitation and topic selection skills for coffee ceremonies. He generally stated that the training was a success.

One of the participants of the TOT Mulugeta Yimer, Dukem Outreach Coordinator, pointed out that the training incorporated very relevant issues like topic selection for coffee ceremonies and the new Wise Up strategic direction. He raised the clear, precise and short presentations on a positive note besides applauding the strong participation from the trainees/outreach coordinators. He picked up the fact that it was a two days training as a constraint holding back thorough deliberations on pressing topics as the time allotted for topics was shorter than it should have been. He, however, stated that the TOT achieved its purpose despite that short coming.

Another participant in the TOT Lealem Negatu, Assela outreach coordinator, stated that there were gaps in the TLHE training manual and that methods used by coordinators were not uniform. He also pointed out referral linkage and communication problems as shortcomings identified in prior schemes to assess the need for training. The organization of the TOT, he explained, helped address the previously identified problems. He raised the topic selection problems that he and other coordinators faced and stated that the training has provided them with other techniques of doing so. The experience sharing at off meeting hours, he argued, also helped capacity. As with Mulugeta, Lealem also held the opinion that the training was a bit short considering the topics raised and commented that further trainings to build management skills would be very valuable.

Wiise Up Coordinators Training

W/ro Yenenesh Tarekegn, Wise Up Coordinator at DKT Ethiopia, officially opened the capacity building training for Wise Up field staff members. In her remarks she pointed out that the capacity building training aimed at increasing the quality of trainings for Female Sex Workers and coffee ceremony events.

The TOT has encompassed all 32 Outreach Coordinators in 28 cities and towns to attend the 2 days training. The TOT trainees are expected to provide the training to their Drop In Center members upon their return and assess the changes in the quality of trainings provided for Sex Workers and Coffee Ceremony Event.

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