Wise Up Amazing Race Print

Wise Up Program made the closing of the 5th Wise Up Annual Summit by proving an Outdoor treasure hunting game ( Wise Up Amazing Race); as a team building activity in city of Diredawa, eastern part of Ethiopia.

Treasure hunt is organized as a game to be played in a group of people. This could be in a range of formats;  searching for items, following clues as a group or splitting into teams to race to a prize.

Treasure trails are a variation on the theme of a treasure hunt in which participants follow a set of directions and discover clues to help solve a puzzle in route. Trails may be on foot or use vehicles including public transport. They may follow circular routes or be linear in nature.

Wise Up family has divided in 6 teams each having 10 members to follow the listed clues to find the concealed place.

After more than 5 hrs of searching all over Diredawa one group has finally able to find the renown  Ethio Djibouti train station, LEGHAR, following given clues.

Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting

LEGHAR (Ethio Djibouti train station)  was the key word that was supposed to be abbreviated from 6 different place names: Legehare, Empire Cinema, Gende Kore, High school of Diredawa, Alliance Ethio-Française, and Ras hotel.

Wise Up amazing race is held to demonstrate Leadership in a group, how to unite group members in working towards a common goal, excellent communication skill, keep them motivated, evade conflict, and ultimately deliver success

Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting