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Wise Up has held the 5th annual summit in the eastern part of the nation, in the municipal city of Dire Dawa.

The fifth annual summit has brought up Wise Up family from 28 town of Ethiopia in eastern part of the nation from May 20 to 25, 2014.

The summit has discussed on the performance of Wise Up in the last years  by raising the challenges faced and opportunities used.  Annual report of the program, brief on Wise Up status update, strategic plan review of Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia (TLE),  best practice presentations by different Wise Up Drop In Centers,  progress report by finance, Admin, and Logistics departments and many more agendas were part of the summit. In addition the general assembly has got an opportunity for a day training on communication to enhance the internal and external communication.

After acknowledging the board member members of  TLE,  TLE in collaboration with  DKT Ethiopia has prized and recognized the Wise Up family for their extraordinary effort and successful accomplishment.

5th  Wise Up Annual Summit 5th  Wise Up Annual Summit 5th  Wise Up Annual Summit

On May 24,2014  after the closing of the formal session,  the award and recognition night has gave an end to the 5th annual summit of Wise Up.

The categories of Wise Up award was clustered in 8, both in individual and group level; Best Outreach Worker of the Year, Best Team of the Year, Best female outreach worker of the Year, Best DIC of the Year, Best Partnership & Networking Award, Best Wise Up Cooperative, Exceptional Achievement,  and recognition for all DIC's for their successful  Safer Life 2013 campaign.

Out of 35 nominees from all the categories, five of them got best outreach worker award while the gold medal went to G/Silassie G/Medhin of Alamata, silver medal to Hanna Getachew and LealemNigatu of Hawassa and Assela respectively, while the bronze went to NitsuhAytenew  of Debre Markos and HabtamuAgegnehu of Dire Dawa.

5th  Wise Up Annual Summit 5th  Wise Up Annual Summit 5th  Wise Up Annual Summit

For the beast team of the year Debre Markos has took the Gold medal while Jigjiga took the silver and Shashemene and Alamata took the bronze.

Best Drop In Center (DIC) of the Year gold medal award went to Dire Dawa when the silver goes to  Axum and Adama, Nifas Silk Lafto (A.A) DIC's got the bronze medal.

To encourage female outreach worker from all the DICs, 7 female outreach workers has selected as best female outreach worker of the year.

From 3 nominees in the category of Best Wise Up Cooperative Asqual& Aster General Service cooperative from  Mekelle took the Gold Medal while the silver medal went to Araya, Cafeteria Service Coop from Shashemene.   Hidasse Women General Service Coop of Harar took the bronze.

Wise up is a condom promotion and HIV prevention program run by DKT Ethiopia and implemented by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia (TLE) targeting female sex workers, their clients and other most at-risk populations (MARPs).

5th  Wise Up Annual Summit 5th  Wise Up Annual Summit 5th  Wise Up Annual Summit

Funded and led strategically and technically by DKT, Wise-Up is facilit ated by the Federal and Regional HIV/ADIS Prevention and Control Offices (HAPCO). Timret LeHiwot (TLH), a local non-government organization is implementing partners of the program.

Currently the program is implemented in 28 towns throughout the country. Over the past quarter, a Timret Le Hiwot(TLH) have implements the program through various strategies that have brought change to the lives of beneficiaries mainly direct targets, sex workers and the community at large.

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