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Condom promotion events have taken place in all Drop In Centers of Wise Up Addis Ababa.  In collaboration with Music May Day, Wise Up has organized colorful condom promotion events in 5 drop in centers of Addis Ababa.

The event has promoted use the of condom among sex workers through entertainment and by actively engaging sex workers in  different debate programs on different issues related to the use of condom.

The program was held to encourage the use of condoms to pass up unprotected sex,  the leading cause of HIV transmission and other STIs.

Such condom promotion events different from the usual way like education, counseling and advertising are likely an effective program at preventing HIV infections, under the right conditions and to gear towards bringing the intended behavioral change.

Music and dance completion, drama, poetry and Talent Competition were one of the major activities during the condom promotion event.

The activity has been done in the 5 Drop In Centers (DIC) located in Addis Ababa Kolfe Subcity, Yeka bole, Arada, Addis ketema and Nifas silk sub city DICs. The event has reached in average of more than 70 female sex workers in each DICs.

Music Mayday Ethiopia (MMET) had awarded scholarships for 45 sex workers in 2013 from five Drop-in-Centers of Wise Up Addis Ababa. The scholarship has awarded to the beneficiaries of Wise Up to receive a full package of talent nurturing and development trainings at the MMET Talent Factory.

Creating Awareness through  Infotainment Creating Awareness through  Infotainment Creating Awareness through  Infotainment
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