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Elsa & Friends Cooperatives has come up with a new soap recipe of papaya leaves and olive, sunflower, Niger and palm oils.

Elsa and Friends is a soap producing cooperative based in Bahirdar city of Amhara regional state.  13 women who decided to seek financial independence came together two years ago and started the cooperative. Currently the cooperative has 10 active members who are working hard in the production of soap.

Two years since establishment and a year after going operational, the cooperative eventually grown to be strong. Ever since they were provided with trainings and went into production the group has produced thousands of homemade soaps.

In the aim of widening their soap business, Elsa and her nine friends has now started the adult literacy class supported by their surrounding government local administration.

Soap Soap Soap

Following the implementation of Pilot Soap IGA initiative, stories such as Elsa and Friend’s cooperative started to be heard from two cities where the program is implemented. The two cooperatives in Mekelle city of Tigray Regional state and Bahirdar city producing flavored soaps.

In an effort to support these life changing activities by members of the cooperative, Wise Up purchased thousands of their soaps to be distributed at various Wise Up DICs offices that provide sex workers and vulnerable groups with sanitation services.

The 32 Wise Up Drop In Centers are now using the handmade soaps for the sex workers who come to use the Drop In Centers facility daily demand. In nine months of time after a vocational training, these two cooperatives have coped to distribute their product for 28 towns in Ethiopia where the Wise Up Drop In Centers are located.

Mekelle’s Aster & Aseqwale and Bahirdar’s Elsa & Friends cooperatives have been preparing homemade soaps in five different natural flavors namely avocado, orange, papaya, Lemon and guava soaps. In addition to this they are preparing soap design package for future promotion & advertizing their product.

Mekelle  Wise Up office mobilized a resource  from LED project in UNDP  two cooperatives namely Aster & Asequale  partnership cooperative  and Woyni & Eleni self help group to get an amount of 100,000 Birr  to strengthen income generation activities in the month of June/2013.

Currently the cooperative activities is working at 8 sub city of Addis Ababa (Arada,kirkos,Addis ketema,Gulelel,Bole,Yeka,Ledeta,kolefe) and 11 regional sites (Bahirdar, Mekelle, Assosa, Diredawa, Harere, Hawassa, Sodo, Adama, Jijiga, Shashemene, Gondar).

Soap Soap Soap
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