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As one of the most at risk population, Safer Life campaign has addressed the military.  To raise their awareness about HIV and STIs Safer Life has targeted military who is residing at the prime minister’s resident and the Grand National Palace.

Music, poetry, panel discussions, and condom demonstration competition was part of the program that has stayed on for two days in a row.

Uniformed services, including defense and civil defense forces, are highly vulnerable to sexually -   transmitted infections (STIs), mainly because of their work environment, mobility, age and other facilitating factors that expose them to higher risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

Taking this into consideration, Wise up program, as its major concern to prevent HIV and STIs  among the most at risk population, arranged a two days entertaining and informing sessions for two days.

This program is primarily designed to entertain and create awareness on issues of HIV and STIS. During the panel discussions several issues concerning HIV/AIDS and STIs were raised and discussed.

Among the other, the transmission, prevention, medical care, voluntary testing and safer sex issues were given a great concern during the panel discussion. The panelists were also well informed on the basic concepts and mechanisms of educating about the issue.

This one-month long (December)Safer-Life campaign will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and appropriate condom usage by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups.