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‘BALUKA’ : A cartoon exhibition in which its story revolves around the sex workers and boyfriends has been open to the public. Life of sex workers and the social perception has been presented in humor by  Atronos Art Gallery and studio.

In collaboration with Atronos Art Gallery and Studio, Safer Life Campaigned has launched the 6th cartoon exhibition on 10th December,2013 at Shega Crafts and Gallery.

The ideas of this art works emanates from the life of the sex workers and their boyfriends. This young and creative artists of this art work has studied the life of the sex workers to come up with the cartoon exhibition idea. Displaying a typical house of sex worker was also part of the exhibition to show their life style.

The Essence of these art works is to elicit youth community through art and draw various reactions from viewers. The cartoon Exhibition has been attended by partners of Wise Up, Artists, Rotaract family and invited guests.

Safer Life campaign together with Atronos Art Gallery and studio, have done 5 cartoon exhibitions during the last five years under the themes, Life of Female Sex Workers, Life In University, Ethiopian Housemaids, Most at Risk Populations, and Substance Abuse and Vulnerability to HIV in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 accordingly.

The one-month long (December)Safer-Life campaign in celebration of World AIDS Day, will carry out different activities concerning HIV/AIDS, STIs and appropriate condom usage by entertaining and informing youths and Most-at Risk-Groups. Photo exhibitions , Music festivals and sport competitions are among them.

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