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Axum Police officers and sex workers has gathered around a coffee ceremony to resolve the uncertain and problematical issues between them.

In Collaboration with Axum police officers, Wise Up Axum has hosted the biggest coffee ceremony to discuss the problems of sex workers in the city.

During the coffee ceremony 129 sex workers have attended and discussed the challenges they have been facing during their duty time. One of the problems that have been mentioned during the coffee ceremony was about residence Identity card which also became a barrier to the sex workers to open a bank account and save their money.

Assault from their clients, high exit money request from the bar owners and having no freedom to leave the hotel are the few among the listed problems they mentioned. In a response to this, the Police officers’ head has discussed and advised them the solutions in regard to the legal conditions, by making a point to what extent their legality is assured.

Partnering with Axum Wise Up Office, the police Officers’ head has promised to host this kind of platform every month to tackle the unnoticed area of the sex workers.

Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture Bringing Sex Workers to the Legal Juncture

Since the start of its implementation, Wise Up has developed strategies to help police officers understand the situation and needs of the sex workers, also to address the police and law enforcement agencies’ negative attitudes and practices towards sex workers. These strategies include educational training and seminars on issues such as harm reduction as well as establishing and maintaining contact with local police officials and justice bodies to raise awareness of the program’s work. Thus, 635 participants (461 M and 174 F) from the police and persons from the justice office participated in the sensitization workshop conducted in all DICs.

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