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July 2013: Wise Up program has officially started the new budget year. The second year of Wise Up program has commenced with a better idea and vigor.

Following the annual revision meeting of Wise Up’s first year in Mekelle with more than 130 attendees from 32 Drop- In Centers, Wise Up has came for the second intake.

After discussing the draw backs and accomplishments of the first year, the entire 32 Drop – In Centers has started their new year with the sex workers training.  According to the annual plan of Wise Up July 2013 – June 2014, trainings will be given for 11,040 female sex workers, 3,372 vulnerable individuals, 1,280 police officers, 640 bar owners/managers and Life skill training for 100 sex workers in Self Help Groups (SHGs).

In addition to this, bi-annual meeting for 1,929 stakeholders and 768 coffee ceremony Sessions will take place twice in a month.  Condom promotion events will also be held targeting to reach 192,000 individuals besides four condom sale spots and 102,400 Promotional will be available to the public. Supportive supervision of different activities of the DICs will be conducted in 4 rounds in a year.

In providing a better future to the sex works basic literacy/numeracy and Scholarship program will also be given to develop their personal skill. In addition technical support and capacity building training will be provided.

Most of the first year planned activities are achieved more than 90%. Opening up of three additional DICs in Shire, Robe and D/Markos towns played its own great part in reaching more target groups. Moreover training for bar owners, police officers and stakeholder meetings helped for the smooth implementation of the program. As a result, immediate local solutions started to be given for local challenges and uninterrupted flow of budget to the field offices/DICs also played the great role.

As a generic program of DKT implemented by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia, Wise Up program is aimed at raising awareness on HIV transmission, prevention and scaling up services for sex workers. The program also aims at empowering sex workers with safer alternative sources of income to reduce dependency on finances raised from commercial sex work which exposes them to HIV infection.

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