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Wise Up has trained 2,603 female sex workers in two months time, recruited from different venues and streets. They trained on the basics of HIV/STIs, preventions, appropriate condom use and negotiation skills and other related topics.

From April-June 2013 Wise Up has also trained 1,431(1,009 Male & 422 Female) vulnerable groups which are considered to be as potential clients of sex workers. These includes  daily laborers, house maids, taxi and truck drivers, people with disabilities, in-school youth and people who travel for business and professional work.

To help police officers and law enforcement agencies’ understand the situation and the needs of the sex workers, Wise Up has developed strategies to address the negative attitudes and practices towards sex workers.

These strategies includes educational training and seminars on issues such as harm reduction as well as establishing and maintaining contact with local police officials and justice bodies to raise awareness of the program’s work. Thus, 635 participants (461 Male and 174 Female) from the police and people from the justice office participated in the sensitization workshop conducted in all Drop In Centers.

On the other hand, a total of 777 key stakeholders who came from different institutions attended stakeholders meeting to be oriented about the program, it activities and to advocate for non-violent and non-discriminatory treatment of sex workers.

To give hand for the smooth implementation of the program the stakeholders gathered from hotel/bar owners, representatives from different government offices, local leaders, health facilities and NGOs.  The meeting has also become a good opportunity to promote consistent and correct condom use.

Wise Up is DKT’s generic condom promotion and HIV prevention program implemented by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia targeting female sex workers, their clients and other most at-risk populations (MARPs). The program is aimed at raising awareness on HIV transmission, prevention and scaling up services for sex workers. The program also aims at empowering sex workers with safer alternative sources of income to reduce dependency on finances raised from commercial sex work which exposes them to HIV infection. The program operates in 28 towns found in all regions of the country by establishing 32 Drop In Centers.

Wise Up’s high numbers Wise Up’s high numbers Wise Up’s high numbers
Wise Up’s high numbers Wise Up’s high numbers Wise Up’s high numbers
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